When Chartering a luxury Yacht for a bespoke trip the costs and process can seem daunting and confusing. The two important things to understand are your base price and what you will be expected to pay on top of it. This will be set out in your Charter Contract with us.

What type of contract does M/Y Kozi-M use?

We use a form of Contract based on that created by a professional organisation called the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. These are the most commonly used Contracts in the industry, particularly for large vessels cruising within the Mediterranean.

Under the terms of a MYBA style Contract the base Charter fee includes:-

• Hire of the Yacht including all water toys and equipment (in full working order).

• Salary and food for the Crew for the duration of the Charter.

• Ship’s laundry.

On top of this base fee the Charterer is charged for food and beverages (for Guests only), fuel, marina fees, and miscellaneous expenses. As a round number, which depends on how much fuel the Yacht will use and how elegant the meals and drinks are, you can expect to add approximately 30% of your Charter cost.

This is a fund is sent to the Yacht between 1 month to 2 weeks before the Charter to provision the Yacht according to your preferences. It is typically 30% of the overall Charter fee.

It is important to remember that food and fuel, for example, are charged at cost without markup and upon disembarking, transactions can be reviewed by the lead Charterer and Captain with any remaining funds returned.

If the APA balance runs low, the Charterer is expected to provide the Captain with a sufficient amount of cash to cover the needs for the remainder of the trip.

Remember that the APA will not cover any meals taken off the Yacht, Guest hotels pre and post Charter, flights and other transport.

Food and drink: This is one of the largest expenses and is directly proportional to how exuberantly you plan to dine. If you prefer several bottles of Cristal Champagne with every caviar and lobster meal, then you can assume that your costs will be higher.

Fuel and Mooring Fees:  This depends on how far the Yacht cruises and how fast you like to go. Time spent at anchor will include fuel for the generators or shore-side electricity when at a dock. Don’t forget that fuel is also charged for the tenders and water toys, so you’ll pay for the fuel used while zipping around on the water. Mooring fees are a variable that can range from high (a front-row berth at the Monaco Grand Prix) to little or nothing in some areas.

Communications: With the options for Satellite communications and Internet, it can be an important one for many Charterers to consider. Onboard 4G Wi-Fi is also available and fair use is complimentary.

Laundry: All the Yacht laundry, including towels, sheets and table linens, is included in the Charter fee, and if there is time the Crew will try to do small quantities of personal laundry as a service but won’t be responsible for delicate items.

One-way fee: In some instances, you may choose to board your private Yacht in one location and then end in another so you can see more. If this is the case then a one-way fee will be charged. The one-way fee will cover the cost of the fuel and Crew to return the Yacht to its Home Port or to your required starting location.

Gratuity: Crew gratuities are not included in any Charter fee but are an accepted and welcome way to reward them for their good service. Whilst it is always at your discretion around 10% of the base Charter fee is usual and appreciated. This is typically given to the Captain on disembarking to be shared among the Crew.

Preference sheet: The Crew want to make your Charter the best it can be and they will not wish to bother you with these details while you are onboard. When you book, you will be asked to complete a preference sheet, how detailed it is depends on your unique Charter requirements.  Some of the things we like to know in advance:-

Your travel arrangements pre and post your Charter and any transfers you may require

    – Passport and visa details

    – Any special occasions while you are onboard so the Crew can prepare?

    – Food and drink preferences?

Itinerary: Do you have any special places you wish to visit? Do you want to see as much as possible, or travel at a slower pace?

Health: Do you have any health conditions or allergies that require the taking of medications the Crew should be aware of.

Home Port Gibraltar, cruising the Western Mediterranean

please contact us for your own personalised Charter quotation

High Season

Booking in high season can require early planning, determination and a bigger budget! In addition, planning a Charter to coincide with a major event will also be reflected in the price with moorings often booking up early. Allow plenty of time when making enquiries to ensure a star studded, well-prepared arrival.

Low Season

Groups looking for a relaxing luxury vacation are advised to avoid high season weeks and opt for weeks outside of this time. A few weeks either side of these busy periods can provide almost exactly the same experience, with the weather almost unchanged but with far fewer crowds.

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